Welcome to Stückelberger Hörberatung

Are you new to Zurich? Would prefer to discuss your hearing needs with an English-speaking professional audiologist? I would be more than happy to offer you a hearing care consultation and a hearing aid fitting or service in English.

I am a professionally qualified audiologist (Hörakustik-Meister) with more than 15 years’ personal experience of hearing aid use. I began my audiology career with Phonak, the world’s #1 hearing aid manufacturer, and, prior to opening my own practice in 2012, served as CEO for Siemens Audiologie AG, the company responsible for all Siemens hearing aid sales and servicing throughout Switzerland.

Having worked with both Phonak and Siemens, I have a good understanding of the audiological characteristics and hardware features provided by these two leading manufacturers. My practice offers quality hearing aids from these and other major brands.

Music Listening Pleasure With Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are “race cars for speech” tuned to filter out the spoken word and eliminate background noise. But music lovers often complain of the limited benefit they derive from hearing aids when listening to music. This common problem can be resolved by fine-tuning hearing aids for music. With our high-fidelity 5.1 surround sound equipment – and your cooperation, of course – I can programme dedicated music settings into your hearing aids and restore your listening pleasure. Why not bring your favourite piece of music along?

Lyric Tourist Service

Are you away from home and need urgent assistance with your Lyric hearing aids in Zurich? I can offer you a first-class service, up to and including the provision of replacement equipment. As I wear Lyric aids myself, you can rest assured that I will understand and be able to meet all your Lyric needs.

Call +41 44 251 10 20 for an appointment.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Michael Stückelberger